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Prologue & Ch 1 of “Hustling In LOV3”



“I was made to love you… They say once you have discovered happiness and love through someone to the point that you become so attached to it, you are afraid to lose it or that person rather. That person that you love can come into your life bringing you the most joy to the point that it becomes something that you can’t live without. I have shared that same feeling with you. I admire you. Not just you as a person, but your well-being, your way of thinking and knowing. I love you.” I said as I looked into his brown eyes. I can hear my voice echo throughout the room as I felt everyone eyes watching me stand before them.

“I fell in love with you and I will never stop. No matter how many times that I have tried. You have become something in crested inside of me. My soul mate… Never could I have ever imagined myself living without you; wondering to myself days in and days out if this could be real. Nothing could break me or you and together we are strong and this love will continue to strengthen with you by my side… as my husband” I said smiling into his face.

“Hustle, unconditional love is when I look at you, I think about how we came out to be. How I am blessed to have you in my life. How I am willing to love you, support you and to always be the person that you have fell in love with. God has blessed us with this opportunity for this unity on this beautiful day for a reason. He sought us through many years together and he is blessing us with many more to come. I love you Case Dewayne Daids and I do!” I said with tears in my eyes as Hustle and I exchanged our vows and rings.

I couldn’t believe the day has finally come for Hustle and me to finally be legally married! For real! No bullshitting this time. I glanced at my husband still in shock about the whole ordeal. I couldn’t wait until we reach our room I was ready to start anew as one. I couldn’t help but to smile with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t help but to blush at the smile that was spread across Hustle’s face flashing his dimples. This is love.

“You may kiss the Bride,” the Preacher announced aloud. Hustle pulled me in close, caressing my face. As he looked into my eyes, I can see what he saw. He saw me as his wife, his queen, his better half. I know because through his eyes, I see the same thing. He loved me with his all. Reading his lips, He silently mouthed to me making a promise to protect and to love me unconditionally. He slowly kissed the tears that were now rolling down my cheeks, trailing his kisses to my lips. And our lips met as we passionately kissed.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, Hustle pulled away from me. “I love you,” He said as he leaned in close, kissing me once again with the most passionate kiss. He too couldn’t wait until he got me to himself. Just by looking at me in my mermaid gown showing my shape.  Just by his actions, I knew that he wanted to snatch me out of my dress and lay me in the sand and make love to me the moment he saw me walk down the aisle with my Dad and Step-Dad on both sides of me. I was feeling the same. Believe it or not, I would have. Not giving a damn who was watching.

What was only a few seconds seemed like a lifetime as Hustle and share I the most sensuous kiss. Slowly breaking the trance that we were in; we turned towards our guests smiling as they cheered, clapping and snapping pictures. After taking a few steps forward we stepped back while holding hands and jumped over the boom that where laying only a few inches in front of us… Life for us as a married couple was just beginning.


“To every end, there is a new beginning”

            “When it is all said and done… do you actually believe that he is going to settle with you?” Journey turned and asked me.

“It really doesn’t matter Journey, because the last time I checked… I am the one… regardless if Hustle isn’t here.” Or was I only fooling myself. Hustle moved away a couple of days ago to pursue his dreams. As much as I cried it never consoled my heart. It was missing a piece that has been there for the longest. It was missing Hustle. Here I am at Famous Dave’s with my sister who wasn’t making the situation any better. Even though Hustles phone calls never stopped since he has been gone. I missed his presence and him coming through my apartment door. I missed his smell, his laugh, and his arms wrapping around me at night. I missed my boo.

“You know how Hustle is Yemya; you have been so damn blind and fascinated with love that you never looked past Hustle whorish ways. I don’t care if you talked to him over the phone. Hell, he is all the way in Memphis. For all you know, he could be lying up with some new pussy and just selling you fucking dreams.”

I don’t know what was up with Journey. From day one she always doubted Hustler and my relationship where as my sister Toy had faith in all that Hustle and I had together. Picking through my food, I looked off to the right with my mind distant from Journey and my conversation. What if Hustle was just telling me some bullshit only because he knew that he had me wrapped around his fingers? My phone started ringing, playing Mercedes “Crazy about You”


“Hey baby”

“Hey Miss Varietta, how are you”

“I’m fine; I was just calling to see how my baby girl is doing”

“I don’t know Granny, I miss Hustle so much. Every time I think about it, tears just begin to start flowing from my eyes” I said in between sniffs. “I cried my butt off the night he left. I didn’t even get the chance to see him off.”

“It will be alright, it is just a test. You will find out if this is true love baby girl. Love is true and it is the truth in so many things. If it is true love then nothing supposed to stop it. Not a mile or anything. So just slow your role.”

“You right Granny and that’s what I keep telling myself. It seems as if our relationship has gotten stronger though. He be saying that nobody hands better be in his cookie jar” I said with a laugh.

“There you go, cheer up. Ain’t no reason for you to be down and out. If Hustle is for you then he is for you and can’t anybody take that away.”

I laughed again and thanked Granny Varietta for the uplifting conversation. After hanging up her cell phone, I continued eating my food feeling a little hope in my heart.

“You may not realize it but you are moving at a fast speed.” Journey said as she took sips from her Sprite.

“And what you mean by that Journey?” I asked. I was really getting tired of Journey negative energy. I saw her rolling her eyes as I held my phone conversation with Miss Varietta. I was about to say something then, but I kept my comment to myself. But Journeys attitude had to go and I wasn’t even going to sit and try to enjoy my food while my sister sits here saying slick shit.

“Don’t you think you need to slow down on this shit with Hustle… the niggah is in Memphis with a dick. He is in his home town where there are plenty of bitches who are ready and willing to fuck Yemya!”

My appetite was ruined, I pushed my plate away. Stood up to walk away but I stopped, turned around and said, “They say misery loves company. But I’ll be damned if I sit here and let you prying at my thoughts and my heart Journey. I don’t know what is up with all this shit you saying. But I am not about to be the one to sit here while you say it.”

“I’m just looking out for your best interest Yemya”

“My best interest Journey? You don’t give a fuck about my interest only yours!” I placed my money with my bill, gave Journey a once over look and walked away from the table.

I can’t believe the way Journey has been acting lately. I swear the bitch been sipping too much of that haterade. She is clearly on some other shit I thought as I walked to my Impala. I opened the door throwing my purse across the seat, I slid into the drivers sit closing my door and starting my engine. I inhaled the smell of the cherry scent air freshener as I sat and thought about my recent conversation with Journey. The bitch got some nerve I thought as I buckled my seat belt as I drove out of the restaurant parking lot.

I felt the need to blow off some steam so I drove to TJMaxx to do a little therapeutic shopping. After parking in a nearby parking spot, I walked across the street strutting my new Steve Madden pumps. I walked inside inhaling the aroma of brand new clothes.

~~To Be Continued~~

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