Sex Don’t Heal Everything

Slowly the tears fall from her eyes

As he thrust himself inside of her

She looks into the mirror on here right

Seeing the pain that is bottled inside of her

She loves it when he makes love to her

But he never focuses on her mind…

He yells and beats her

As she suffers from his wrong doings

He then realizes that she’s upset and crying…

Telling her that he love her…

That never again will he touch her…

Although she hears the line all the time

But he thinks sex makes everything alright

After sleepless nights

Full of tossing and turning

She clutches her chest tight…

Her heart is hurting…

Her tears won’t stop falling

All the while man whom she love is out chasing skirts

His late night creeping

Coming home smelling like another female

She knows he is cheating

Accusations is what he calls it

As tears pour from her eyes

She was done

She was threw

Next thing she knew…

His sorry led to kisses

Then they were on the floor saying “I love you”…


Her mind is racing

But his touches have her heart pacing

The flashbacks of him and another woman

to her heart dealing with more aching

As tears continue to flow from her eyes

He inserts himself inside of her…

Thinking that after he make love to her

 Everything will be alright

But sex doesn’t fix everything…

Constantly tolerating his mistreating’s

Thinking if she loved him more

Then he will stop cheating

If she will be a little better

Then it would stop the beatings

If she would close her eyes and envision another life

It would ease her pain…

Is she can just close her eyes and continue dreaming

That he will do her right

Hoping her prayers are heard

As she once again in the same position

Looking up at the ceiling

She has yet to realize that sex…

It don’t heal everything

Sade Yates

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