Is your time worth it?

Growing up, you were told who not to kick it with… or who not to talk to. In your mind, you get accustomed to having clicks and sticking with who you know & what you… Through my 23 years of living, I’ve come to mature and grow mentally, physically and spiritually. I’ve learned to never base your life off of who your friends are, what you do, how you can do this or how you can do that. Life don’t revolve around no shit like that. Life revolves around what makes you happy. Your memories, your moments, your good times… Why dwell on something that pisses you off or something that you wish you had that you can’t get. Life is about the chances you took to make things better for yourself and those around you. Why waste the time that you can be happy on the time that you’re mad or wanting to fight someone… At the end of the day after it’s all said & done… you wonder if it was worth it. Was the drama worth it, was the arguing worth it… is wasting my time on being jealous and envying the next person worth it… Hell no… and it took me years to realize ain’t nothing worth losing family member, a friend… or someone you love over. Life is too short. At the end of the day… you can have yourself… or you can stop being selfish and stuck in your ways so that you can be prosperous. Can’t nothing hold you back but your attitude towards life and your mentality based on your ways…

Love, Sade’

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