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Thank U For Friends

“Girl” I said sitting across from her. “I’ve just been enjoying these off day’s honey. What’s been up with you?” I asked, sitting back comfortably on the love seat.

“Girl, nothing finally being able to enjoy my off days too… What about you? I’m surprised you ain’t boo’d up with Shame.”

“I’m not thinking about Shame neither do I have much to say to him or about him…”

“What!” Kenya said sitting up in her seat implying if she heard me correctly.

“Like for real Kenya, I’m so fed up with so much of the bullshit. I got bullshit coming from my ears.” I said as I dug in my ears. The bullshit was the phone calls, the Facebook messages, the text messages… the drama. A niggah isn’t worth it. Why should a woman have to go through so much shit with one man. A man who just didn’t want to do right what so ever.

“Girrl what happened?” Kenya asked.

After talking to Kenya and telling her my situation, it upset her to know that my relationship with Shame was falling apart. It was confused and was now regretting my love for him. I was all cried out… I needed that one person who was always there for me… I needed that ear to listen… I needed to call my best friend Andreyia. The phone call didn’t make my situation any better. She even heard that Shame was sleeping with Alicia. My decision was final. I was going to leave Shame. After getting off the phone with Andreyia, we made plans for Jordan, Brooke and she to come to my house to help me cope with my break-up. They each arrived at my place in just minutes behind each other to help me gather up Shame’s things and put them outside the door for him to come get them. I needed their support and my girls came through for me. The pain that I felt was weighing at my heart over lost love, my spirit was up lifted with pure love from my girls. All the while we were all chilling. Jordan and I were preparing for my trip to the A for my appointment with the abortion clinic.

While we were in the middle of a movie, there was a loud knock on my door that caused each of us to jump.


I heard Shame’s voice roar through the door. Jordan, Andreyia and Brooke each got up from the couch and walked over to the door.

“She don’t want shit to do with you Shame!” I heard Andreyia say through the door.

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