Wanting you and waiting patiently.

Time keep walking back and forth past her.

The years are flying by.

When you are away

She watch the time passes by.

Seeking your attention baby,

She hope you don’t mind

She just want to feel you brush you lips down her spine

Make love to her with your time

Phones are off

Music is low

No one else around,

Just you and her

You… and her

She just requires some affection

Some call it TLC

But she sees it as your attention

She calls it selfish

She sets back the clocks

She takes your battery out your phone

It won’t be needed

Cause she has your attention

From now on

And she calls it selfish

Climbing on top of you

Lips running down your neck

As you lay back with your eyes closed

Enjoying her affection.

Lusting for her.

You reach and pull her shirt over her head.

Asking her what time it is,

She then glances at the clock and makes up a time.

How can she be so selfish?

Thinking in your mind that you have enough time…

A quick nut then pulls out and everything would be just fine.

She climbs on top of you…

You reach for the condom and she says

Naa boo… I got you

Placing you inside of her

You fought but the feeling of pussy got the best of you

Forgetting this girl slept with more than ten dudes

Rocking back and forth

She tightens her muscles and you let out a silent cry

Not realizing that you just slept with a chick who has a deadly disease inside

She was just being selfish

The love she lost through knowing she was aids carrier made her hate the world

Her selfish ways made her sleep with every guy and girl

Now you a carrier of her world

She was just another stranger

That you had let into your world…

You didn’t look out for your best interest

Just another junt with pretty panties

Good head game and she is fine

You let the ego get to you

Let your dick do the thinking for you

Not realizing that she was a selfish girl who screwed you

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  1. That”s Raw!!! Like That Wish I Had A button!


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