It confuses you…

Making you feel as if it is a need.

Nothing can compare to the love from a real man.

No one, but God

He protects you.

He inspires you.

He and Love is unconditional.

He who has created you…

Has created me.

Feeling as if you’re a fiend…

craving… craving for more love.


The power it can have creating chemistry.

Guiding you on a path to what Love between us is ment to be.


The love that I have for God…

The love that I have for me.

Reflects the Love that you have for me.

Equals the power that we each have for God.


A King..

A Queen…

Unity… in Love.

{Sade Yates}

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  1. RAymond D. Hunter

     /  March 8, 2012


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