“Cheating is not when yo…

“Cheating is not when your man goes to the bar after a very long and stressful day of work, gets drunk, and has sex with the woman on the next stool. That’s a slip. & while he is a dick for doing it, because no matter how many drinks he had he should have been able to think about the relationship that he already was involved with, it was all unintended sex. There were no emotional ties and he most likely doesn’t even know the girl’s name much less how she worked it.” Tionna Smalls

Ladies, I know ya’ll say cheating is cheating. I don’t give a rats ass. LOL! I would agree with you! BUT! (Lol I know you are like “What the F— she mean BUT? If a niggah goes wrong then he is gone.” LOL! But, I really believ this is a true quote though, not saying that i put everything pass my man. Everyone slips up… make mistakes it all depends on if he’s been talking to the girl for a while and making plans and preparations to have sex with her. Therefore this was ALL thought about before he even did it. You feel me???


Sade ❤ 

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