Intro to ”Me Myself & I”

I’m All about Yemya Now…

I tried… I tried and I tried and I tried. No matter how hard you love a man… you can’t always win his heart over. I’m not saying that I’m giving up on Hustle… I’m just saying I’m giving us a break… I know ya’ll are like awe man. Taylor was right, Hustle will never settle for me… and once again, I can say that I have played the fool. Sprung. Hooked on a niggah who swag, his game, his ways… his…. UM! Yea… his dick was like heaven. I kid you not! My orgasms be bananas. It’s something about a man who knows how to use his instrument. But I’m done with Hustle… I’m doing me. It’s time for me to venture out and weigh my options. See what other men I may be interested in have to offer… Hell, Hustle doing his thing so why shouldn’t I? That niggah is not trying to settle for me any time soon. So why should I stop doing my thing being the only one in a relationship status… Na, as much as I love Hustle it’s not even worth it.

From now on, I vow to kick it with my girls. Whenever and however; not only that I’m going to put me first. Hustle is my baby but that niggah is with the shit. So I have to do me. On another note Yemya is about to get herself together. Stop tripping over another niggah sleeping with another female. It’s not even my concern any more. Hustle thinks that he has me wrapped around his fingers but he has another thing coming. When they say it’s a thin line between love and hate. Well baaaby, I’m here to tell you, my damn line has gotten thin with Hustle’s shit. Like I told you before… I’m not leaving him. Hell na… you think I’m going to let some female come take my man after I invested my love and devoted time into this relationship… let’s not forget about the… well you know… what happened before.

But that’s not my point; it’s about me this time. Hustle can do him, but when he realize I’m not foolish anymore then he is going to learn not to fuck with me. We have a good thing going and I love him to death. But I’ll be damn if I end up being the only one looking stuck on stupid here. I keep telling you that I’m not going to leave him or quit fooling with him. Because I’m not… You have to prove yourself to a man that you are not putting up with his shit anymore and that’s what I’m going to do. Teach him a lesson. Just because ya’ll fuck, he got his ego boosted and now he “thinks” he have you hooked. Niggah please… not Yemya… not today, not tomorrow, not ever. So they say… any niggah who thinks that can kick rocks. But, if a chick gets crazy over a niggah then that’s a whole ‘nother situation. I have to weigh my options… I can’t be basing my life off of Hustle. I mean what if that never works out then what? That’s why I think if you are single, and then mingle and right now I am classified as SINGLE. So guess what? I’m going to be about me, myself and I until a niggah is man enough to be about me and only me.


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  1. I really like dis I really think u should create a book of short stories like dis

    • loversmentality

       /  March 13, 2012

      THANK YOU BFF! LOL. I thought about creating short stories :^)

  2. RAymond D. Hunter

     /  March 13, 2012

    Hm Interesting philosophy


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