After Reading Andreyia Letter

“After reading over Andreyia’s letter I didn’t even know if shedding a tear would be worth it. I value our friendship… and really hated the fact that it was losing its connection over a relationship… I have my flaws… and one is not being able to balance the people I love. Being in love with a man has become my down fall… Although I have always had my friends, I was losing them over my relationship… Or were my friends losing me over my relationship… More importantly, I was losing something that was a part of me and have yet to realize it. I just didn’t know that a relationship can affect everyone around you including me. I was in love… and love was my mentality. Without it, I felt useless whether it was from my family, my friends or my man. I needed to feel loved and losing one love just kept me bottled in. Andreyia is my best friend… How can I please a friendship and please my man without them understanding… it all became a learning process for me… it all became a lover’s mentality…”

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  1. RAymond D. Hunter

     /  March 14, 2012

    Like That


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