“Hi can I hel…

“Hi can I help you today” the blonder hair and blue eyed nurse said.

Clearing my throat “Umm yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Susan McCollough today at 2:15”

“Name please?”

“Yemya Smith”

“Ooh-kay. Date of birth.” She asked as she keyed in my information.

“June 29th, 1988” I stated as I watch her key in my birthdate. “How long with the wait be?” I questioned.

“Dr. McCollough is usually quick with her procedures. You shouldn’t have to wait no more than thirty-minutes. How far a long are you Miss Smith?”

“I’m thirteen weeks…” Just by hearing myself say how many weeks I am pregnant made me realize what I am about to face. Here I am in Atlanta in an abortion clinic registering to kill a baby that I’ve been carrying for thirteen weeks…

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