Clippings From “A Lovers Mentality”

I knew that I couldn’t let this relationship with Shame go so easy. I had to maintain my strength as a woman and take back what belonged to me. Do we as women deserve better? I felt like I needed Shame. As much as I know that he was cheating, part of me couldn’t put it past him; and the other half wanted to deal with him and the rumors. Shame was all I knew as far as I was concerned. The only dude I was fucking. I mean I would talk to other niggahs as far as being entertained. But as far as sex, I never let it go beyond a little phone convo.

“Mya, what do you want me to prove to you baby? I’ll do it. You know I will. You know my baby mama jealous of us but you let her get in the way of us. Look at us…”

I heard Shame voice echo through the other end of the phone snapping me out of my thoughts. The tears began to fall from my eyes as I watch my relationship fall apart over what someone else said. In all honesty, I wanted to blame myself. Not once have I caught Shame in the act, only what people had to say and me not hearing from him on the day to day basis.

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