About Miss Yates

Born in the heart of Chattanooga,TN— on January 19th, 1989. Sade’ L. Yates was born to Steven Yates & Barbara Yates-Young. Growing up, Sade was always familiar with the literary and arts world. By the time she was in the kindergarten, she was reading on a 3rd grade level. While in the 4th grade at Calvin Donaldson Elm., she attended the Bessie Smith Hall sculpting her talent for the love of creative arts. Not only that, she was also apart of the Girls Club and Girls Scouts. While in middle school at East Lake Academy, she continue her passion for creative arts while expressing herself and her thoughts through her writing. At this time, Sade was writing lyrics to songs and poetry. During her 8th grade year, she wrote her first book/ play based off her favorite boy band group B2K. The book entitled ”Me & You” which became very popular throughout her school year. After graduating in the year 2003, Sade went on to continue her passion for art at The Center For Creative Arts. While there, she continuously wrote lyrics and poems.  Graduating in the year 2007, she continued to press on with her love for writing; with her life situations being an inspiration in her life and in her work as an author as well. Now fast forwarding to the year 2012, Sade has come to terms with her love for books and self-publshing her own work. Her goal is to be a motivation to those around her through her writing. “Lovers Mentality” ”Me Myself & I” and “Hustle N Lov3″ will be Sade’s main focus of opening her thoughts up to her audience. We look forward to hearing more about Miss Yates!

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