What inspired me to write this book and build a 3 story life situation out of Yemya is the life situations that women go through to please a man. Women in general are vulnerable to love and vulnerable to life situations itself. Women deal with love, drama, and bullshit everyday. A man can rule a woman mind IF she lets him. But, are we as women aware of that? When we like a man, he entices us with words—- words that captivates our mind. They make us laugh, they make us cry… they make us wonder why and worry. We as women endure a lot, we love hard, we go through pregnancy, we deal with other women out to get our man. It’s some competitive women out there who are dying to get your man. They send him pictures and he entertains her. Yet he loves you. LOL! In Yemya’s case… she learned to love. She learned the bad seed of love and came to terms with the good seed of love. Even picking up habits and going out her way to prove her woman hood. Even if it was to cut off people in her life. She learned to open her eyes and listen but don’t talk. Observe but don’t act of your character. It wasn’t done over night… she went through her respect as a woman, her dignity, and self control not forgetting her will to do whatever she can to prove her devotion to finding a good man. In “Lovers Mentality” Yemya reveals her secrets, he pain and her opinion on what love really is. Between Losing old friends and gaining new ones seems to be what life is about. There are those who may stick around and then there are those who may not. It is told that people are in your lives for a reason even if it’s just a moment in a lifetime. That one moment can impact your whole life. In “A Lovers Mentality” “Me… Myself & I” and “Hustling N Lov3” you will learn about Yemya’s downfalls and her flaws that only made her a better woman as she grew older, she grew wiser. She learned, She Lives, & She Loves. The message to all women is be yourself, don’t try to please a man the way he “wants to be pleased” just because you is trying to keep him. If you have to “try” to keep a man then what is it worth? A man will try to keep you before anything—- that’s if you are a real woman. Don’t make yourself look like the ass by putting your all into one man when he ain’t giving you 100% of him to you. It takes a man to tell a woman that he wants to be with her to build a relationship. It takes a girl to become a real woman, to respect herself as a woman and to also enjoy life; but don’t ever step out of your skin over a guy when the world has plenty to offer. He should want you for you… That’s the moral of Yemya’s story. What will be the moral of yours?

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