My motivation…
You are that will in my soul that keeps me going.
That keeps me yearning for more.
You are my education…
Obtaining & creating a mind for two into one.
Creating the knowledge of life… Love…
And loving above & beyond.
My better half…
Crossing paths of feelings… The desire…
The thinking.
You are my everything.
Knowing me and loving you
Acceptance creating currents of chemistry…
Flowing from me to you.
My destiny causing me pure insanity of love…
Loving you…
My love…
It’s you.
my soul can’t live without it…
At night my body can’t rest with out it…
And my mind…
My mind is captivated by my heart which sits in the comfort of your hands.
the trust
The bond
The love…
Here I stand…
To motivate you
To teach you
To guide you
To love you
For a man can’t control a nation without a strong woman
therefore I am you
And you are me
Together we are one

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  1. That is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard! 🙂


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