Hustling N Lov3

There are women out there who would love to be in your place of relationship with your man. What they fail to realize is that she is only part of his circus act full of clowns. She is entertaining him while… He is bored at work. Or he is up late… pure entertainment. All the while she sending Hustle pictures that he will forget about. Keep in mind that wifey is me. Yemya.
”And you are just another show on the air that will soon be canceled and me… I’m a classic movie baby. I never get played out. Hustle is going to always make sure his wifey is strait before anything. Check my credentials. You is a non factor… No competition. Keep that in mind, when you think that you are doing something. I have the house, car, keys and the ring.” Yemya said as she walked away from Keya fighting not to punch her in her face for disrespecting her..

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