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I couldn’t help but to blush at his comment….

I couldn’t help but to blush at his comment. I pulled him in close to me once again. This time I began kissing him with the hungriest kiss. When I say hungry, a bitch like me was starving for some dick, so I kissed him the way I wanted him. Deep, juicy and wet. Pulling away from our lip locking moment just so I can breathe, I looked into his eyes and I could see that his passion for me was burning like balls of fire. “Are you sure that’s all you want Shame… is a taste?” I asked him again putting on my sexy tone of voice . I was ready and like Yung Joc said “It’s about to go down.”

            Shame grabbed me by the waste, moved his hands under my towel and started to caress my ass. Kissing me on the neck, I felt him pull my towel loose and letting it fall to the floor, he then bent down on his knees placing my left leg over his shoulder.

            “Naa babe, I want a full serving” Shame said as he glided the finger that he sucked my juices off of back inside my pussy. I leaned my head back, balancing my weight on the counter while standing on my right leg. I felt him glide another finger inside of me; feeling the tightness of my pussy muscles wrapping around his fingers. Then I began feeling him slowly maneuver his fingers in and out of my pussy causing me to moan and grind like it was his dick that was feeling inside of me. I pulled his head in closer feeling his tongue cover my clitoris licking and sucking it. “Damn babe you taste so good” Shame said as he ate my pussy until I came all over his mouth.

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