Even though I knew your…

Even though I knew your man came first, I was still willing to be second just ‘cause you were my girl. Man… in my eyes… you were my sister. I’m like… it’s just a phase; you haven’t been in love in a couple of months so I’m sure it feels good to have that feeling again. But I mean damn, I can only take so much before I realize that I’m the ass here and that I am the only one being a best friend ‘cause you sure as hell wasn’t! I don’t give a damn how in love you are or even if you think that ya’ll are going to last forever. Mya, I’m not doubting your relationship and trust me… I do wish the best for ya’ll. But Yemya, when this niggah is gone do you wrong or when you get your head out of the damn clouds; you will realize that putting that niggah first… that shit ain’t right.

But like everybody telling me… “She gone need you one day.” And like I tell them… I may be crazy but I will always be there. Why? That shit I don’t even know myself. I’m not saying we should completely stop talking… but Shame can play the “best friend” role, I’ll pass. I can just be your girl or something…

Love ya,


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