I know that Shame and I h…

I know that Shame and I haven’t been the smoothest terms lately, but believe me when I say that for him to be fucking off with some females… I’m sure to get medieval… I know we have only been together for what… about a couple of months. But we are in a “relationship” and he needs to respect what he has and he needs to recognize that he is walking on thin ice. I’m about fed up with this drama shit and call it quits on the whole relationship. I can only take so much… How much more shit is it that women have to go through for a man… Honestly, this drama shit isn’t for me.

“So where you want to eat?” Brooke asked while taking her receipt and change from the cashier’s hand.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I turned towards Brooke. “Famous Daves sounds damn good to me” I said in a jokingly voice.

Is it worth it? Fighting another female over a niggah? I mean what do men get out of that? How can a woman ever trust another man all the while knowing about the shit the past done put her through… Should I end things with Shame… Is my love for him that strong? Is that battle worth the fight? Should I give us a try? How can he treat the woman that’s been down for him since day one so wrong?

So many questions where bottled in my mind; I was anxious to get back home to express those same thoughts in my writing. Walking to Brooke’s car, I pulled out my cell phone and began to text Shame. I was so mad that I had to continuously re-text misspelled words.

I swear I can’t stand u! I’m tired of u & yo’ bitches!!!! I already kno’ yo’ ass is going 2 try to play mothafuckin games. Fake ass niggah! I can’t stand yo’ simple ass and I’m tired of folks calling my phone about u and yo’ nonfactor ass bitches Shame!

Pressing send, I closed my flip phone and got in the car. I was ready to eat; I blew off my steam, sat back and chilled in Brooke’s passenger seat.

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