What’s up wit my shit s…

What’s up wit my shit sittin outside yo’ house Mya? You breakin up with me?”

Not being able to answer his question, I looked down at the bags that we have placed outside of my door. How can I look at him and say that it was over. How can a person make something like breaking up so easy for a person to do when you love them so much?

“That’s crazy” Shame said, noticing my hesitance to answering his question. “I just can believe that you got sucked into this bullshit Mya. When half of it is lies.”

“Half Shame? Do you know how that make you sound! Hell, you may as well said all if…

“Are you through wit me Mya? You through wit us?”

As much as I wanted to say yes… I couldn’t. I couldn’t let other females and the bullshit win this relationship over. “Naa Shame… I’m not done with us… But I need my space Shame. I need to put this relationship into perspective.”

“Aiight. I do tell you the truth Yemya. I just want you to be down for me as much as I am down for you” Shame said as he stepped back grabbing his bags. He then kissed me on my cheek and walked off without looking back.

Standing there with my arms crossed across my chest, I looked at Shame as he left with his bags in his hands. I wonder if I should call after him… I thought about running to him… asking him to forget what just happen and for us to move on. But I didn’t… I didn’t have the will to move my feet, the voice to even speak up as a woman. I just looked at him, my first love as he left me standing here looking stupid. I tuned and walking back inside my apartment closing the door behind me. I stood with my back against the door, exhaling the breath that I was holding… not realizing that me not calling after him would be the down fall of this relationship.

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