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We all live and learn from either those around us or in experience. They say life is based upon the risk you take… well hey, that one risk that you decided to take can also lead to a mistake. I’ve come to know the difference between mature and immaturity. With mature, I have grown as a woman and has dealt with many things… as a woman. But we all have to go through something to define our character right? Right… I have even lost friends and made friends. I just had to learn how to stop being so damn stubborn and put the bullshit to the side. Even the bullshit with my enemies. I’m not just talking about “people” enemies. But the enemies of the devil and what revolves around “evil”. I have learned to overcome and pursue my dream… by once again putting my pride to the side. Therefore, in life, you are going to need people. Regardless if you like them or not. They may help you in the long run… With that being said, I’m turning over a new leaf, I’m putting my pride to the side and taking steps of a real woman. What type of woman are you? Just take a look at yourself in the mirror… Me personally, I had to transition myself into a better woman to become a better woman. If you see things in yourself, your character, even those around you… don’t you think you should making a change as well?



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