After the phone call with Shay

After the phone call from Shay, my life with Shame started to unravel. Jennifer instant messaged me on Facebook. She introduced herself and how she knew Shame. Jennifer told me that she and Shame did sleep together but only once. How she knew he was in a relationship but he told her that he wanted to be with her and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Come to find out Shame would tell Jennifer one thing but does totally the opposite with me. He told Jennifer he loved her and that he wasn’t with me. As the conversation continued to unfold, Shame began to call me telling me not listen to Jennifer all the while telling Jennifer not to listen to me. I was furious…

Hearing the horn blowing behind me, I snapped back into reality then sped through the green light. Contemplating on if I should go through with seeing Shame, I passed the Walgreens, turned a right on Gillespie, pulled into the gravel in front of a row of duplexes. I inhaled slowly pulling out my phone. I scrolled down to Case of da EX and sent a text letting him know that I was outside. After pressing send, I exhaled slowly, leaned back in my seat, closing my eyes…

I thought about the first time that I had met Shame; my best friend hooked us up. The moment we had met I was attracted to him. From his swag and the way that he wore his dreads. After a couple nights of talking on the phone, we decided to go on a date for us to get to know each other. Shame, Andreyia, Kenny and I went on a double date to a scary house not far from the city. Upon arriving, I noticed the silliness in Shame’s behavior to the way that he touched me sent currents of sensations through-out body. From the way he said “Come fly with a real niggah and lay on my cloud and make it your pillow.” There was something about Shame just peaked my interest. He was different.

The first time we had sex, we were chilling in the Brainerd Recreation Center parking lot in my car.  Shame started kissing me on my neck. Rubbing me on my thigh, slowly inching towards my pussy; I was getting heated by the moment. Never have I been touched in the way that Shame was touching me. Neither have I been in a real relationship. Feeling the touches of a man hand touching and kissing me in places that I has never experience before is something I have never had. And yet he was just only touching me through my clothes.

Slowly Shame slid his hands through my shorts, caressing my clitoris with his fingers. Not leaving a trace of his lips off of my neck. I started to shutter in his hands. Not once have I ever felt this affect from someone. Not once have someone tenderly touch me in places I forgot that I even had.

I felt Shame insert one finger inside me, slowly feeling around for my g-spot, maneuvering his finger in and out of me as he massage my clit; opening it up enough for him to glide another finger inside of me. I didn’t know what to do. Should I moan? I thought. The shit was feeling so good I couldn’t do nothing but to open my legs wider. His touches ignited my body bringing my soul to life, I wanted him more. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a man glide his dick inside of you. Sucking on your neck and breast, caressing your ass as he thrust his long hard dick inside of a swollen pussy… I have never experienced that feeling. And tonight, tonight was the night that I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked…

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