Jumping… I heard a knock on my window…

Jumping, I heard a knock on my window. Startled from being shaken out of my thoughts, I looked around realizing that I was in front of Shame’s G-mama house. I turned my head and looked to my right, seeing Shame peering through my passenger side window smiling. Seeing him after the confrontation made my heart skip a beat. I wasn’t for sure if that was a good thing or a bad one. Part of me wanted to curse him out and knock the shit out of him. The other half want to break down and cry. After being together for nine months I was sexually and emotionally attached to Shame. I was hurt and even though my expression didn’t show it at all. My thoughts triggered my emotions a mile a minute.

I pressed the unlock key to the passenger side doors to let Shame in. He opened the door and slowly got in. Turning his head to face me, he had the biggest smile on his face.

I looked at him with that stupid grin on his face; I wondered what the hell he was smiling about. I couldn’t believe the cheating Shame has done and bullshit that he has put me through. The mothafucka want to smile. I was flabbergasted at what I was seeing.

“What’s up baby? I miss you” Shame said with a sincere voice.

“You miss me Shame? Do you even realize what has been going on these past days? Do you? Obviously you don’t! Are you fucking some girl named Jennifer? The same fucking girl that you said was your best friend?” I was pissed and was about to light it up on some shit. I hadn’t seen him since Shay told me about Jennifer. Hell, I didn’t want to see him then but something told me to see him now. Yet I still don’t know why was I here.

            “Yemya, you gone believe that dumb shit over me?” Shame asked.

“I got the damn messages you sent the girl Shame. Who is foolish ‘cause it sho’ in the hell ain’t me…” My alter ego was revealing herself and wasn’t about to play no games. By the way my neck was rolling and my vocabulary changed to southern slang, I was officially 38-hot.

            “Baby… just hear me out” Shame pleaded as he reached for my hand.

“There is really nothing to say Shame… what more can you say other than what’s been said.” My voice was calm, and as he held my hand, I look at him. I wanted to erase the past few days. As much as I wanted to… my mind couldn’t. Not just yet.

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