“So what you gone do?”….

“So what you gone do? You gone come see me?” Shame asked with pity in his voice.

I sighed saying that I will be there in about thirty minutes. After hanging up the phone with Shame, I asked myself what I have gotten myself into. I brushed my shoulder length hair into a pony tail and turned off my bedroom light. As I walked down the hallway near my front door I glanced at myself in there mirror as I grabbed my phone, my keys and stepped out the door making sure it was secured and locked.

As I drove to Shame’s g-mama home out in Brainerd, I thought about turning around. Foolish enough, I didn’t. As I neared the Germantown exit, I felt my heart race even more. I couldn’t believe I was going to see him after what I have been through the past few days…

“Girl, Shame is cheatin’ on you”

I held the phone to my ear as I heard my girl tell me the news. I felt some shit was going down, but who am I to say that it’s true or not? Females in Chatt always knocking each other, there was no official real bitch in this city that I have come across. Hell I wouldn’t even consider myself real either. Truth be told.

“You know dis chick name Jennifer Cane who went to my school. Well rumor has it dat Shame been fuckin’ ha, his baby mama, and some otha hoes.”

“So how did you find this shit out?” I asked Shay as I switched the phone to my left ear to put on my earring.

“You know hoes can’t keep their mouths or their damn legs closed ‘round here. Once they get some otha bitch dick, then it’s a wrap. Gums go poppin’.”

I knew Shay from around the way. We use to work together down at Steak and Shake. Although Shay was gay and at times bi; I grew to respect her and that was then that we grew a sisterly bond.

“You know those bitches be talkin’ shit Mya. They told me not to tell you, but you my mothafuckin’ sista; they had me fucked up. I don’t know who they think I was but you know me. To hell with the shit, if dat niggah cheatin’ on you then you have the right to fuckin’ know. Fuck dat bullshit dat they talking.”

I could picture Shay on the other end of the phone with her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes and popping her lips. I was in dismay about Shame cheating on me. Even though I felt the shit coming, but damn why like this? How could he? I knew he was up to no good, I felt that from a mile away. Instead I wanted to ignore that woman intuition that I was feeling and give him the benefit of the doubt. Now here I am, on the phone with my home girl in my ear telling me about Shame and his shit.

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