My Man Wants it All the Time…What Do I Do?

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The saying goes “Fake it till you make it,” but that shouldn’t apply in the bedroom. If you’re not in the mood to get down, but your husband always is, it can create serious tension—and not the good kind—in your relationship.

In this video, Psychologist, Sex Therapist and YourTango Expert Dr. Megan Fleming answers the question: I feel like my husband badgers me for sex all the time. Is it better to give in and fake it, or be honest and wait till I have that luvin’ feeling again?

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As Dr. Fleming points out, it sounds as if there are only two options here, but really, there are plenty of ways to solve this issue. She suggests making time in your schedule to turn yourself on, whether that requires thinking about “fantasies, remembering past sexual experiences, anticipating pleasure and how good that feels,” or something else. This way, you’ll be primed and…

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