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“Whelp… he …

“Whelp… he hung up in my face” I laughed into the phone. I thought the statement was rather funny coming from my end. After he hung up, I did feel rather stupid and had a dumb look on my face. I even wanted to call him back, going off— calling him all kinds of names under the sun. And yes… I had that ‘Oh no he didn’t’ look on my face.

            “And you find that funny? Did you tell him about the abortion?”

After telling Kenya how the conversation went between Shame and I. I realized that there is no fixing us. As much as we tried, we would continuously make up to break up… “The conversation started off good. It just ended on a bad note. I guess you can blame that on me and my big mouth. He isn’t worth telling about the abortion to anyway.” I sighed into the phone.

            “Look Mya, you have been through this love roller coaster thing with a niggah once before. Don’t let a thuggish attitude and a big dick fool you and get you in some shit. You are better than that lil sis. For real; don’t let just one man get the best of you and have the upper hand. People always said go with that gut feeling girrrl. If you don’t, then you are going to regret it later. It’s not worth it Mya. I’m telling you— if you have to fight a bitch over him; then leave him alone…” Kenya said into the phone. As much as Kenya wanted to see me happy; she didn’t want to see her younger sister hurt over one guy when the world has many to offer. She was right, I was too young and beautiful to be feeling lost out of love over Shame…

            “As much as I don’t want to admit it” I laughed into the phone. “But you are right Kenya… I need to stop trying to win this battle with Shame and just find my own battle to fight”

            “I’m not trying to tell you what to do or anything. I’m just trying to tell you like it is. But! If you are feeling Shame and want to be with him… then go for it. Like I tell everyone I love, just be careful with your heart. You can’t be having everyone in your business. You know how your friends are. First thing they hear they are quick to tell you and you are quick to go off. What’s between you and Shame needs to stay between the two of you…”

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