Walking into th…

Walking into the kitchen, I pulled out my ironing board and iron carrying them back to my room. After Turning on the radio, I set the ironing board up, neatly placing my clothes on it then plugging up the iron.

            “I can’t believe I want so much of Shame to be a part of my life.” I said to myself as I placed the iron on the right sleeve of my blue polo shirt. Can’t you believe that even I want to even share the painful parts with him? Sometimes love makes you willing to do that… if you love him enough. The confusing part is that I thought that I was strong enough to leave behind. Now that I know that he is cheating, that’s all I can feel, see and think. I’m guilty of letting him get to me, letting him get under my skin, letting other females make me react out of my character. But I can’t help, I love him… and I don’t want the truth to break us. Yet at times, I let it. I let it piss me off. A person can say anything out of love and pain. The question is… do they mean it? I mean, when we as woman are in love, we say, think and feel a certain way. Until a man hurt us— we hurt because we love. And when we love and end up hurt— we have pain, we have rage… we even shout words out of hate. Only because we are mad. But when it’s all said and done; and the for giving has come and gone… we love— we love hard.

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