I replied back….

I replied back. Getting up from the couch, I walked over to the kitchen to grab me a bottle of water with my phone in hand. Feeling the vibration of the phone notified me that I received another text. I opened the bottle of water taking a sip and then placing the bottle back on the counter. Leaning against the counter in a comfortable position with my butt supporting me from behind; I read Darryl text.  He text back stating that I should let Shame be and that I needed to be with him. Men have a crazy way of thinking of being next in line once a niggah acts up. Some men even stick around until that day happen. Hell some men don’t mind being boyfriend number two— same goes for females. But then they start to act crazy as if you belonged to them. HA! Crazy as it seems and yet it is very true. I am a firm believer that two wrongs don’t make a right. I know Shame have done is dirt. I am aware of that; but I’m not going to lower my standards and dignity just because he fucked up. That was his doing… not mines.

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