Haters: what is the truth to i

Haters: what is the true meaning? When you are minding YOUR business, living YOUR life, doing Your thing without a care in the world. & yet you have those who don’t like you? For whatever reason that you don’t know. But they can’t stand the person that you are. They envy your life, your success, & the person that you are. Keep in mind that you don’t even associate with these people. These people don’t even cross your mind. Instead they are thinking about you. Mad at the simple fact that they AIN’T YOU. These are your true haters. If you come across person who don’t like you… Ask them why? Lol y’all ain’t never kicked it, you don’t know them “like that” & they don’t know you like that & yet they don’t like you lol! Which is rather funny. They can’t come up with one reason to why though? Y’all ain’t never had no beef, y’all never shared words & yet they don’t like. They are basing their life on you. They are hating.

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