But shit, men are gone do what they want to do; then, they won’t become a real man until they are ready. It just takes most women longer to realize that; although I have learned that at a young age. Who shoes can I put myself in other than my own? Hell, I can’t tell anyone how to live their lives but shit, it is what it is. Who would have thought that to find love, you have to search for it? It is not handed to you and it sure as hell wouldn’t be taken for granted. I had to prove myself to myself if this was what I wanted. And I did. I went for it… I reached out for it. Not with just one hand. With both, with my heart; and that is what he did. It may have taken a while for him to do. I probably had to go through some shit to get it… But he took it. He reached out for my heart and from then on, he has never let it go. I loved ME, he loves ME, and Hustle is in love with only ME!

Hustlin’ N Lov3

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