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“Yea right.…

“Yea right.” Jordan laughed into the phone. “When was the last time you were with that niggah?”

            “Well… honestly the other night. But you know girrrrrl… somethings you just can’t help. Besides he was just a little last moment rush that I need it.”

            “Rush? Girl, what rush do you get knowing that your man is going back to other females giving them that very same rush.” She laughed into the phone.

            As much as I didn’t want to admit it; Jordan makes me sick sometimes. She has always seem like the witch between Kenya and her. They are totally opposites. Jordan was the player type. She was always to give up a fair game with a fair play. Her ways were slick and she was smoother than any snake. Yet she was cool. Even though her ways and values were different from mines; I respected her realness. She has never tried that fake shit on me as far as I’m concerned. Just like Shame, Jordan was always going to be slick ass Jordan. Point. Blank. Period.  When you see people backstab and gossip about the next person then be in their face. Then honey, you are a victim of that person evil tongue. They are talkin about you too. So yea, Jay is that type of female and I’m coming to learn that day by day. With her nosey ass.

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