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Pulling up to t…

Pulling up to the Dillard’s parking lot, I stepped out of my black Chevy Impala sporting well-manicured hands and cute pedicure toes. Hitting the lock button, I walked up the street in my white cheerleader skirt with a pink halter tops and pink Old Navy flip flops. Stopping to look both ways, I proceeded across the street stepping into the cool air of Dillard’s. Feeling my phone vibrate, I reached into my tan and brown coach bag to retrieve it.

            “Hello” I said as I walked towards the escalator to the second floor.

“What’s up chick!” Jordan said into the phone.

            “Hey Jay, what up? I’m at the mall just looking. What you up to?” I asked as I walked towards The Body Shop.

            “Nothing girl, you heard from Kenya?” she asked.

“Na, I haven’t spoken to her. Why what’s up?

            “Just asking, my sister has been M.I.A and I haven’t heard from her that’s all.”

“Awe, girl naaa, I haven’t spoken to her.

            “Oh ok, how are things going with you and Shame?”

“Shame… well everyone know that Shame is going to always be Shame.”

            “That’s if you let Shame be Shame girl—-“

“Well, I’m done with Shame anyway…” I sighed into the phone.

            “Are you? Or are you just trying to convince yourself that you are” She asked.

Walking into The Body Shop, I walked towards my right to look at the track of shirts.

            “Hello, how are you doing today? Can I help you with something?”

I turned in the direction where the sales associate was standing “Ummm no, no thank you. I’m just looking right now” I stated with a smile on my face. “You right I am trying to convince myself.” I said. Turning my conversation back to Jordan.

            “Well, convincing yourself that you don’t want the man and convincing yourself to sleep with him are two different things Yemya. Feelings can get involved during sex booboo”

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