“You know you…

“You know you need to break up with Shame, Mya… if you don’t realize that now… then when are you going to ever realize it?” Tammy said as we walked inside of her apartment out in Hixon.

            “Um… where’s the kids?” I inquired— looking around Tammy’s humble home avoiding the topic about Shame.

“Girllll, I had to get rid of them for a while… Taking care of three kids is like another job.” She stated as she sat the groceries on the nearby counter. “So” she said turning attention towards me. “Is he the reason why you don’t want to go out on the with us anymore?”

            Walking out of her kitchen, I sat down on the nearby love seat in her living room; slipping off of my shoes to make myself more comfortable.  I exhaled deeply “Tammy— I just don’t know what to do about Shame. I mean… what I mean by that is that I do. But at the same time… I don’t.”

            “Well I’m going to put it like this… as clean as possible” I heard her say from the kitchen while she remove the groceries from the bag and put them away. At the same time, I was thinking ‘Here we go again’… “Shame… Shame is still sleeping with my friend… his baby mama Mya… she tells me all about it and you have the right to know. Not because you are my cousin but because I don’t want you to get so deep in love over Shame when he don’t deserve an ounce of love from you!”

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