*A Man’s Way*

}A Mans Way{

As she sit here thinking to herself that she has found the one

Put nothing before him

Making sure her ride or die position stays at number one

Every night she sees him…

He greets her with welcome arms and a smile

“Baby how was your day?”

“I’ve been waiting patiently for you to come by”

All the while she does not know

What he saying is lie?

He was busy with his other females…

And not once has she crossed his mind.

“Oh she is just a friend baby, you don’t have to worry about her”

“You know what it is… between you and I”

A month later augments begin to hit the sky

“It’s all in your head”

Is what he’s feeding her between his lies?

But she would be wrong if she kicked it with other guys

It would be her fault if the love that they had ended that night

He makes her feel good

He makes her cry

He makes Love to her body

But yet she still feels empty inside

Dirty little secrets…

Questions she that she would ask

Again, he would lie

Confronting and accusing him

How dare she call him a lie?

Finally while lying in the bed at night

Replaying in her mind the thoughts of him in her life

She no longer wants to be a part of that pain

You know…

That empty feeling inside

Short phone conversations

No more texting late at night

No more “Damn baby, I miss you”

These were the signs

A man ways change when he starts having affairs with other women

It is amusing because she is still trying to hold on…

Giving it a benefit of a doubt

In denial… hoping for it all to make some sense…

Hoping that he will come around…

She’s only hoping that it is only a phase

But the new women have him tripping….

Forgetting to call her…

Forgetting to text her…

Forgetting that she even existed

He’s trying to balance the two, three, or four

Not realizing the one that loves him the most

Has one foot out of the door…

All because the man is selfish

He couldn’t deal with one female

He just had to have more

It turns her off not to hear from him

It hurts her heart that his truth has been revealed….

And so she says… I loved you enough…

To let you go

You took it for granted

You took me for granted

You never took the chance to man up

Just holla at me…

When you are finish

I’m not saying that I’ll be waiting

Because of you

I lost my heart…

I lost my patience…

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