“Love Has Me”

}Love Has Me{

Love Has Me
Thinking about Love constantly…
Laying in the dark, I reach out for Love
But there is nothing but air right next to me
Wanting Love to Love me…
Mentally, physically, and emotionally
But Love’s words never let the truth speak to me
Damn Love… is this how you have me?
Tripping, flipping…
Feigning for the way that you splash deep into my sea
Love just let me be
Am I ready for you?
Are you ready for me?
Why walk alone?
But where you stand there’s always going to be me
Love can you just listen to me?
Should I love you so strong?
Should I?
The way Love has me…?
Does Love realize that or is it just me?
Love shies away so that I can’t see
So that i can’t read
The things I say to Love…
Are things Love may never tell me…
But Love makes me speak…
Love makes me feel…
Love has me high on cloud nine
Damn Love am I just too blind?
The attention, the affection…
They way Love shares that connection…
Love places his lips upon mines
Sucking the breath right up out of me
Making my body feel numb and cold
Creating shimmers throughout my body and soul
Kissing my breast, down to my navel
Damn, Love is looking for my pot of Gold
Love has me locked down
As I feel Love hands caress me
Tasting every ounce of me
Love breathes deep into my ear
Telling me how much he wants me
Licking my breast and kissing my neck
My knees went weak
Taking my body into his mouth
I begin to quiver and quake
Feeling my body tense up…
I’m about to erupt as my body shakes like it’s an earthquake…
Love stops right before I was about to explode…
Kissing my fore head, to my nose, to my lips
Whispering in my ear, telling me how much he wants to feel me
Laying back, staring into Love eyes…
I tell Love to go deep
Feeling the pressure of Love entering a tight space
As I grip his waste
Damn, this is feeling good
No, this is feeling great
It’s been a while…
Now Love has me at his place
Feeling Love’s body pace along with mines
We begin to climax
I’m calling out Love’s name
Love… Love… Love…
Love has me going insane
My heart is rapidly racing
Love said it’s been a while…
Once Love got a taste of me, a feeling of me…
There’s no other direction but straight so he say
Damn I could just faint
Love has me
Waking up the next day…
Reaching out for Love…
But there’s nothing but air right next to me
Feeling the tingling sensation still
As currents run throughout my body
Having a throbbing feeling
As if Love was right inside of me…
Realizing that I won’t see Love for another couple of weeks…
It finally hit me…
Damn Love has me…
Having wet dreams

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     /  June 30, 2012

    THE …They way Love shares that connection…

  2. loversmentality

     /  June 30, 2012

    Thanks RAY


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