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Prologue— the letter to Yemya from her bestfriend Andreyia



                For one Yemya, you don’t have to be sorry that you love Shame. That’s good that you are happy if anything… I want you to be happy. And for two, I am not jealous of you, not to be downing you or whatnot, but I don’t have nothing to be jealous of. And I am glad you are backing your man up one-hundred percent… that’s what you are supposed to do, but damn, just because this niggah done whispered sweet words in your ear and dicked you down don’t forget about the ones that’s been there before him! But like you said… you are a grown woman… So get your grown woman on! :^)

        I guess all most women need in this world is a man anyway, well at least in your case! And for you to say I’ll understand when I find the right one. Well trust me boo… I did. I just took it for granted and not once did I put him before you, my sis, or any other loved one. And that’s the same way it was with me and S.O.P. He’ll do for his niggahs before he would do for me. And I understand that shit ‘cause that’s how I WAS about you. Until I start to peep game. But I can’t even blame you though ‘cause you been boy crazy and always did for niggahs since I’ve known you… So I should have expected this shit.

        As I sit here and look back on what everybody use to say, I gotta give them their props. They were right! I don’t have no best friends but Frankie and Taylor. They are the only ones I can really say that I know who won’t turn her back on me… no matter what the situation is. Mekia always said “You and Yemya ain’t gone last.” Now you can say that I didn’t listen. My aunt always said that “You don’t have friends; you only have your family and associates”… Once again… I didn’t listen.

        I had to find out the hardest way ever! When I was up all night crying for six nights in a row over a niggah… You! My best friend was nowhere to be found. When I did call you, you either didn’t answer or was just too busy to answer. But I was there for you… Every time you fell in love and gotten hurt. But Frankie and Taylor got me through it. Frankie would even wake up at like four in the morning just to try to get me to sleep on a school night! But fuck that ‘cause it’s old and done with now. She tried to tell me all I have is her and my sister but I thought I had you too until I read your letter.

        Even though I knew your man came first, I was still willing to be second just ‘cause you were my girl. Man… in my eyes… you were my sister. I’m like… it’s just a phase; you haven’t been in love for a couple of months so I’m sure it feels good to have that feeling again. But I mean damn, I can only take so much before I realize that I’m the ass here and that I am the only one being a best friend ‘cause you sure as hell wasn’t! I don’t give a damn how in love you are or even if you think that ya’ll are going to last forever. Mya, I’m not doubting your relationship and trust me… I do wish the best for ya’ll. But when this niggah is going to do you wrong or when you get your head out of the damn clouds; you will realize that putting that niggah first… that shit ain’t right.

        But like everybody is telling me… “She gone need you one day.” And like I tell them… I may be crazy but I will always be there. Why? That shit I don’t even know myself. I’m not saying we should completely stop talking… but Shame can play the “best friend” role, I’ll pass. I can just be your girl or something…

                                    Love ya,


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