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Who I Dedicate “A Lovers Mentality” to

This book is dedicated to my girls & guy who were a blessing my life. I Love ya’ll soooo much:

Danielle “Donnie” Taylor (My Best friend): The mother of my god-daughter. You are truly an angel. You’ve known me the longest (10 years!) and stood as one my of strongest ribs that God has blessed me with. We had our terrible times and went days without speaking. In spite of it all, we have always shared a good conversation and crazy moments that we have had over the years. Thanks you for your friendship and your wisdom love.

Cornelous ”Ne-Ne” Lathan (Best friend): I know we have gotten older over the years and I know we have people apart of our lives now. I’m happy to say that it has never changed the person that you are to me. We may not talk everyday like we use to do in High school, but with me knowing you and you bringing such motivation into my life lets me know that I still have a friend in you as well as me in you. Regardless. Thank you Big Baby :^) P.S— I still owe you $50 lol!

Brittany “Bee-Bee” Bynum aka my Jizzle lol! (Bestfriend): Girl you are going to be the death of me! LOL I love you chick! You and your crazy ways. You are like a little sister to me and I have always wanted what was best for YOU. Even if talking to you never worked and you never got it. I prayed that someday that you will learn. And you did. I just wish you’d realize that you can ALWAYS come to me for anything. If the Lord is willing, I will always be there… through your ups and downs boo boo your big sister got you.

Marquita ”Quita” Gordon (sister): GIRL! We came from nothing to something. It’s how one minute we talking about fighting to the next becoming good friends. When nobody, I mean nobody was there for either of us lol we had each other. Crazy as it seems. After that the b.s. we matured as women. We have grown as women and I love you like none other. I am going to always have your back love. I believe and everything that you are honey— you just have to get up & get it. Therefore we are hitting the road this summer & taking trips!!!! P.S— Keep your head up girl and remember “No one can be against you if God is for you.”

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