After arriving …

After arriving to my apartment and settling in. I laid across my bed in deep thought. I texted Omari to let him know that we needed to talk. After bathing, I walked to my phone notcincing that it was flashing due to a miss call. The call was from Shame.

            “What’s up bay, I was just thinkin’ bout ya… was wonderin if I could come through to see you. I saw that you had texted Omari… telling him that you needed to talk. Well… I’m your man. I’m free. Call me back and we can talk. Love ya.”

            Hours after missing Shame’s call, I decided to call him back. I wasn’t for sure if he was anticipating my call— or was like fuck it… on to the next. After contemplating on calling I decided to go ahead with the call.

            Realizing it was two in the morning and Shame had called me six hours ago. I already know what his attitude gone be. Or just maybe, if he isn’t picking up then he is with his baby mama or some other female. Looking at the phone then reaching for it. I flipped it open locating Shame’s number. After pressing the green call button, I held the phone up to my ear the same time that I was holding my breath.

            Sighing in to the phone, I heard Shame say hello. He surprised me by answering on the second ring. Which was strange to me, the niggah was up and even answered the phone at two in the morning; something that I wasn’t expecting.

            Clearing my throat, I didn’t know if I should play the nonchalant role, the bitch with an attitude, or the ‘Baby come over’ role. Without deciding, I quickly said hello.

            “Whats up Mya. I called you six hours ago and you actin’ like you can’t call me back. Any otha time you would have…”

            “Shame… don’t start. I was busy?”

“Busy doing what Yemya? Six hours later you want to call me… I guess you free now huh? Six hours later” he sarcastically said.

            “Nooo Shame… I was taking a nap” I lied. How can I tell him that I was being revengeful and wasn’t going to hit his ass up. Not today, not tomorrow and I wasn’t sure if I ever was.

            “Aiight Mya. You was takin’ a nap?” He laughed into the phone in disbelief. “Anyway— Omari told me what you said. You said you didn’t want to be with no mo?” he asked.

            “Shame, this has been on my mind for a while. Yea I told him that I wasn’t feeling us anymore. But it was a thought….”

            “You wasn’t feeling us? What you mean by dat?”

“Shame… don’t act brand new. All these rumors going around about you sleeping with yo’ baby mama. You and you sometiming attitude Shame. Do not act fucking brand new with me”

            “Dat’s da point Mya! Rumors. You gone let shit like dis break us up?”

“Not only that but Tammy said that Kiara told her that ya’ll be fuckin’ off… is there any truth to that?”


I heard Shame say into the phone. I just want some reassurance, I’m not the nagging type but if some dirt get kicked up off the ground. Best believe I’m going to bring it up in the conversation. “Man what Shame? All this ‘Maaan’ shit ain’t getting us no where. I want some answers.”

            “Mya, you know Kiara is my baby mama. She is jealous of you. Jealous of us. I go see her, I treat her nice… yeaaa I do all dat. Only because she is carrying my seed; the bitch is evil Yemya. She threatened me on not being able to see my child. So what you expect a niggah to do… “

            “Shame if only if you would talk to me”

“I told you what was up Yemya! I told you. I hear shit about different niggahs you talk to. I thought we had cleared that shit up about Jennifer. She is a friend Mya… we fucked one damn time! All these other hoes don’t matter!”


“You know what… you right. You do need time to yourself. Obliviously I keep dragging you in bullshit. And…” Shame said sighing into the phone. “I just need time to myself. If breaking up is something you want then Mya… you got it.” Was his last word before he hung up the phone in my face.

            Still holding the phone up to my ear; I was literally knocked on my ass while still sitting down. Did this niggah just break up with me? Is he the one really waving his white flag… calling it troops? What did I just do? This moment was the one that I hated the most, we broke up over nonsense. I was fed up and so was he. But over all who was in the wrong? Did his baby mama win this battle by stirring up lies to benefit herself? Or was Shame really cheating? I couldn’t even have the urge to cry, but only in mere thought of what just fuckin happen.

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     /  July 21, 2012



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