Going Above & Beyond– from Sade’

In this world, there are people who are for you and people who are against you. As a writer, I’m learning to let that build on my motivation. Have you ever thought about where do you see yourself— 5 or 10 years from now? Have you even considered what all does the world have to offer? THE WORLD IS A BIG PLACE!… that’s if you haven’t realized that yet. I’m a 23-year-old aspiring writer. I love, love, love to write. It’s my way of expressing myself. But my life doesn’t only revolve around my writing. It revolves around those around me that inspired me to go beyond what is in this small city of Chattanooga. This journey of becoming an author is a long rough journey for me. Trust me, it isn’t easy. And things DO NOT happen over night. But why give up? The city that I live in… the support from others is at its minimum. That’s if there is any at all… But I will never let it deter me. No matter what others think, or how they feel or even what they have to say. To me, it is irrelevant. As far as I’m concerned, my dream of becoming an author is for me and not anyone else. Sometimes you have to want things for yourself if no one else does. If you don’t then who will? Neither can you expect them to… which is fine by me. If listening and giving up on my dream of being author because of those around me is not supportive enough… then I’m not thinking outside of the box. Same goes for you. Who says that you have to be in the position that you are in ALLLL of your life? Who told you that what you have or aspired to do or be doesn’t amount to anything? PLEASE! I have heard it all before. There comes a point and time in life that you have to prove yourself. Prove to those who think negative about you, prove to those who says “Awe she/he just talking”. Usher made it out of Chattanooga, Samuel Jackson made it out of Chattanooga… why can’t you? Just because someone said that you can’t doesn’t mean that you actually can’t. GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MIND! It takes believing in YOURSELF. Anything is possible. I work a full-time job, go to school FULL TIME—- achieving a Business Associates Degree. As much as I though about quitting or giving up… I have never settled for it. I see myself as a better person, living comfortably WHILE doing what I LOVE TO DO…. where do you see yourself in the near future??? Hopefully not doing the same ole thing when you have the options to be and do much more. Think about that… anything is possible…. anything. You just have to put your mind and heart to it.

Love, Sade

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