Author of A Lover’s Mentality

Contact: Sadḗ L. Collins

A Lover’s Mentality Glimpses Into a World of Love and Infidelity . . . But At What Price?
April 4, 2014—A Lover’s Mentality, a novel written by Sadḗ L. Collins, explores the possibility of putting everything on the line for love.

Set in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Yemya Smith and her friends rule the town. They’re beautiful, smart, spunky, and have everything going for them, including the power they hold over their men. But when Yemya discovers that the love of her life, Shame, has been cheating on her, the world around her crumbles. Secrets, betrayal, and infidelity come to the surface, as Yemya juggles her failing relationship with Shame, her best friends, and her family. When Yemya meets Hustle, a mysterious Southern man, her life gets even more complicated. Yemya now faces a decision that will alter her life forever.

A Lover’s Mentality poses important questions about love, and how far someone will go in the name of love. Throughout the story, Yemya learns the hard way that two wrongs don’t make a right, and her own self-discovery is forced to emerge. How long should Yemya listen to her heart, and when is the right time to let go?

About the Author:

Sadḗ L. Collins knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer. After graduating from the Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts in 2007, and obtaining her business administration associate’s degree in 2013, Sadḗ set forth to make her writing dreams come true. With the encouragement and support of her husband, Sadḗ launched SLC Productionz, a production company focused on discovering and publishing talented poets and writers.

“I want to discover what’s unseen,” Sadḗ said of SLC Productionz. “It’s hard for those who want to pursue their dreams, and they feel like they can’t for various reasons and excuses. SLC Productionz will be that open door for writers and poets who have never been discovered—that open door for the unseen to be seen, for dreams to become reality, and for opportunities as a writer to become a success!”


A Lover’s Mentality is now available as an eBook at Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBook, and can be purchased on You can also find more information about Sadḗ L. Collins at (Facebook page SLC Productionz and LinkedIn as Sadḗ Collins)

A Lover’s Mentality is the first book in the series. Sadḗ is currently working on other books in the Lover’s Mentality series, such as A Lover’s Mentality Part 2, Me, Myself, and I, and Hustle ’N’ Love.


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