Day 5 “A Lover’s Mentality”

As much as I wanted to be successful at being a author—- my biggest fear is NOT to be successful. We all live in fear one way or the other. I’m learning to over come it. There has been so many times that I said that I was writing a book. There were many times that… “I have said.” Now that I have actually created something— I feel the need to let the world know. Let those who don’t see the side of my thoughts created into a book. LOL! I think it’s crazy if you ask me— but the feeling is sooooo good. To have people around you believe and support you. Yea it’s all good, but those are the people you know? What about the strangers? The world? They are are the ones’ who have a say so in “your book”.— But I can say that I did take a leap of faith. This is the fifth day of April– 2014. I have self-published my first book. :^) I took that leap on faith and all that I can do is let God take the wheel and guide me through the rest of the way. Thank you ALL who have purchased— “A Lover’s Mentality”

-Sade’ Collins

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