<3 Poems <3

}A Grandmothers Pain{

I feel her pain
My heart pounds as the tears fall from her eyes
We are connected
She yearns for that missing peace
That one last moment
That memory
Wanting to comfort her
Wanting to just speak
But her sorrow has me weak in the knees
So weak that my voice is stuck inside of me
How can you comfort someone who is going through one of life changes.
The emptiness…
The joy & the pain.
The thing that life brings.
She lost someone close
& the tears from her eyes won’t stop flowing.
Wanting to wrap my arms around her.
Wanting to speak…
The lost of my voice
Is like the lost of a soul
This is dedicated to someone…
Who to me means the most
I love you…
These are the words that I do speak

This is for my Grany who has lost a sister… Her bestfriend today. RIP Aunt Lorraine



Some people look for ways to get by…

Times are getting hard

and faith…

Faith is getting lost

So they question the causes to these problems

Overtime… it’s ceasing

Young kids don’t know that the adult life isn’t easy

But that…

That should be your motivation

Bettering yourself as a person so that your child can see it

Life isn’t easy…

But why make it hard on yourself by giving up?

By stop believing…

Hard times may come every season

But give your worries to God

For HE is the reason

Your tears may flow

Full of worry and sorrow

But turn it over to Him

Believe that through Him

There will be a better tomorrow

Just have faith in You

And like me…

I’m sure He will rescue you

Sade’ Yates


}Earth Majesty{

Living in it

I’m breathing in it

Inhaling and exhaling it

Yea… I’m feigning for it

What I mean is that I’m feeling it.

I’m digging it

Deep… into its core

Now, I’m connecting to it

Like the waves, I’m rushing to it

The chemistry flows

Intertwined like our legs

Kris crossing like vines

As we connect… you and I

Our soul bloom and explodes

Like the love of a red rose

Our love unfolds

Drips of sweat falling like morning dew

Upon our nose

As our lips lock

We become one

Like the rain connecting to the soil

Thirsty for your love

Climaxing beyond the clouds

Beyond the mountain tops

Souring through the sky

Together, we enter a black tunnel

Indulging into each other’s atmosphere

As you become my King…

I’ll call you my Earth Majesty.

Sade’ Yates



Looking at you makes me wonder how did we come to be?

Sometimes I even wonder

why me?

I wanted so much out of this relationship

now that I have it,..

Sometime I wonder

why me?

Though you front like it’s cool,

yet it don’t mean a thing.

If he would ever leave you…

You wonder if you would cry.

Will you be hurt… Or

would the feeling be so numb to your soul

that the feeling itself passes you by

All bullshit aside.

Sometimes you indulge so from a particular guy

So you wonder

How can you let him go?

How can something like this last so long?

Sometimes it makes you wonder…


Why me?}

{Sade Yates




It confuses you…

Making you feel as if it is a need.

Nothing can compare to the love from a real man.

No one, but God

He protects you.

He inspires you.

He and Love is unconditional.

He who has created you…

Has created me.

Feeling as if you’re a fiend…

craving… craving for more love.


The power it can have creating chemistry.

Guiding you on a path to what Love between us is ment to be.


The love that I have for God…

The love that I have for me.

Reflects the Love that you have for me.

Equals the power that we each have for God.


A King..

A Queen…

Unity… in Love.

{Sade Yates}


}For Who You Are{

They tried to change you
They tried to change us
The doubts were like swords in our backs
Baby, they tried to break us
They said you weren’t any.good
That you & I wouldn’t last
They wanted me to no longer have faith for what’s best
She hated you
She disliked you
She told me that you were just a typical dude
Yet I liked you for who you are
He tried to cloud her mind
Take control of how she felt about you inside
He told her he saw you creeping…
& cheating…
The talks around town never, fazed her
As those around her turned against her
You loved here harder everyday
Proving to her that those were just envious words that they.would say
Regardless of it all…
She love you anyway…
Loved you for who you are….



Wanting you and waiting patiently.

Time keep walking back and forth past her.

The years are flying by.

When you are away

She watch the time passes by.

Seeking your attention baby,

She hope you don’t mind

She just want to feel you brush you lips down her spine

Make love to her with your time

Phones are off

Music is low

No one else around,

Just you and her

You… and her

She just requires some affection

Some call it TLC

But she sees it as your attention

She calls it selfish

She sets back the clocks

She takes your battery out your phone

It won’t be needed

Cause she has your attention

From now on

And she calls it selfish

Climbing on top of you

Lips running down your neck

As you lay back with your eyes closed

Enjoying her affection.

Lusting for her.

You reach and pull her shirt over her head.

Asking her what time it is,

She then glances at the clock and makes up a time.

How can she be so selfish?

Thinking in your mind that you have enough time…

A quick nut then pulls out and everything would be just fine.

She climbs on top of you…

You reach for the condom and she says

Naa boo… I got you

Placing you inside of her

You fought but the feeling of pussy got the best of you

Forgetting this girl slept with more than ten dudes

Rocking back and forth

She tightens her muscles and you let out a silent cry

Not realizing that you just slept with a chick who has a deadly disease inside

She was just being selfish

The love she lost through knowing she was aids carrier made her hate the world

Her selfish ways made her sleep with every guy and girl

Now you a carrier of her world

She was just another stranger

That you had let into your world…

You didn’t look out for your best interest

Just another junt with pretty panties

Good head game and she is fine

You let the ego get to you

Let your dick do the thinking for you

Not realizing that she was a selfish girl who screwed you


}Love Has Me{

Love Has Me
Thinking about Love constantly…
Laying in the dark, I reach out for Love
But there is nothing but air right next to me
Wanting Love to Love me…
Mentally, physically, and emotionally
But Love’s words never let the truth speak to me
Damn Love… is this how you have me?
Tripping, flipping…
Feigning for the way that you splash deep into my sea
Love just let me be
Am I ready for you?
Are you ready for me?
Why walk alone?
But where you stand there’s always going to be me
Love can you just listen to me?
Should I love you so strong?
Should I?
The way Love has me…?
Does Love realize that or is it just me?
Love shies away so that I can’t see
So that i can’t read
The things I say to Love…
Are things Love may never tell me…
But Love makes me speak…
Love makes me feel…
Love has me high on cloud nine
Damn Love am I just too blind?
The attention, the affection…
They way Love shares that connection…
Love places his lips upon mines
Sucking the breath right up out of me
Making my body feel numb and cold
Creating shimmers throughout my body and soul
Kissing my breast, down to my navel
Damn, Love is looking for my pot of Gold
Love has me locked down
As I feel Love hands caress me
Tasting every ounce of me
Love breathes deep into my ear
Telling me how much he wants me
Licking my breast and kissing my neck
My knees went weak
Taking my body into his mouth
I begin to quiver and quake
Feeling my body tense up…
I’m about to erupt as my body shakes like it’s an earthquake…
Love stops right before I was about to explode…
Kissing my fore head, to my nose, to my lips
Whispering in my ear, telling me how much he wants to feel me
Laying back, staring into Love eyes…
I tell Love to go deep
Feeling the pressure of Love entering a tight space
As I grip his waste
Damn, this is feeling good
No, this is feeling great
It’s been a while…
Now Love has me at his place
Feeling Love’s body pace along with mines
We begin to climax
I’m calling out Love’s name
Love… Love… Love…
Love has me going insane
My heart is rapidly racing
Love said it’s been a while…
Once Love got a taste of me, a feeling of me…
There’s no other direction but straight so he say
Damn I could just faint
Love has me
Waking up the next day…
Reaching out for Love…
But there’s nothing but air right next to me
Feeling the tingling sensation still
As currents run throughout my body
Having a throbbing feeling
As if Love was right inside of me…
Realizing that I won’t see Love for another couple of weeks…
It finally hit me…
Damn Love has me…
Having wet dreams

}A Mans Way{

As she sit here thinking to herself that she has found the one

Put nothing before him

Making sure her ride or die position stays at number one

Every night she sees him…

He greets her with welcome arms and a smile

“Baby how was your day?”

“I’ve been waiting patiently for you to come by”

All the while she does not know

What he saying is lie?

He was busy with his other females…

And not once has she crossed his mind.

“Oh she is just a friend baby, you don’t have to worry about her”

“You know what it is… between you and I”

A month later augments begin to hit the sky

“It’s all in your head”

Is what he’s feeding her between his lies?

But she would be wrong if she kicked it with other guys

It would be her fault if the love that they had ended that night

He makes her feel good

He makes her cry

He makes Love to her body

But yet she still feels empty inside

Dirty little secrets…

Questions she that she would ask

Again, he would lie

Confronting and accusing him

How dare she call him a lie?

Finally while lying in the bed at night

Replaying in her mind the thoughts of him in her life

She no longer wants to be a part of that pain

You know…

That empty feeling inside

Short phone conversations

No more texting late at night

No more “Damn baby, I miss you”

These were the signs

A man ways change when he starts having affairs with other women

It is amusing because she is still trying to hold on…

Giving it a benefit of a doubt

In denial… hoping for it all to make some sense…

Hoping that he will come around…

She’s only hoping that it is only a phase

But the new women have him tripping….

Forgetting to call her…

Forgetting to text her…

Forgetting that she even existed

He’s trying to balance the two, three, or four

Not realizing the one that loves him the most

Has one foot out of the door…

All because the man is selfish

He couldn’t deal with one female

He just had to have more

It turns her off not to hear from him

It hurts her heart that his truth has been revealed….

And so she says… I loved you enough…

To let you go

 You took it for granted

You took me for granted

You never took the chance to man up

Just holla at me…

When you are finish

I’m not saying that I’ll be waiting

Because of you

I lost my heart…

I lost my patience…

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