Great Reads!

Great Reads I Suggest ALL readers should read! :^)

Cynthia White- Boss Bitch Swag

Jade Jones- A Day in the Life

Julia Press Simmoms- The Fornication Volume (Honey Dip)

Michael Baisden- God’s Gift to Women

Tionna Tee Smalls- Girl, Get Your Mind Right

Marcellus Copeland- Licks: Chapter 1 The Beginning

Alan Cramer- God Helps Those…

Derrick D. Harper- One Of Us

Shakara Cannon- This Can’t Be Life

Nahisha McCroy- You Showed Me

T.D Jakes- Womam Thou Art Loosed

Shirley Strawberry- The Strawberry Letter

Brenda Richards & Dr. Brenda Wade- What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love

Donnye Collins Sr.- The Unemployment Myth, Attacking Your Giants

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