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For those who know me—– we all know that I’m a cool, laid back, down to earth… funny… intellectual thinker. I’ve been writing or have been interested in writing since middle school. My first book that I’ve actually written was entitle “Me & You”. For those who went to East Lake Academy knows what I’m talking about. Any who, writing is my thing from short stories, lyrics to poetry… and even yes my novels. I’m inspired by many authors and I have read tons of books myself. So hopefully all that reading that I’ve done rubbed off on my own literary work! Therefore it means a lot to know that there are others who are interested in my writing! Thanks for your support! I’m down for receiving any and every opinion to make my writing better and to make my writing interesting enough for ALL of You :^)… lol.

As an up and coming writer, I would like to introduce you to my world filled with thoughts and opinions. What I mean by thoughts and opinions is that in my world, no words of judgment cross this line _________________.  Are we clear? Every voice is meant to be heard and every thought is meant to be shared. Don’t you agree? Cool, any who, “A Lovers Mentality” introduces you to my main character previewed from my up and coming novel “A Lovers’ Mentality”.

Please, please, please note that of ALL my books settings are in Chattanooga, TN. I have never lived anywhere my whole life so of course I had to base my settings on my hometown! So if you see Brainerd Road, Alton Park… Hamilton Place Mall or any other familiar place. Do keep in mind that I am talking about Chatt.

What inspired me to write this book and build a 3 story life situation out of Yemya is the life situations that women go through to please a man. Women in general are vulnerable to love and vulnerable to life situations itself. Women deal with love, drama, and bullshit everyday. A man can rule a woman mind IF she lets him. But, are we as women aware of that? When we like a man, he entices us with words—- words that captivates our mind. They make as laugh, they make us cry… they make us wonder why and worry. LOL! In Yemya’s case… she learned to love. She learned the bad seed of love and came to terms with the good seed of love. It wasn’t done over night… she went through her respect as a woman, her dignity, her will to do whatever she can to prove her devotion to finding a good man. In “Lovers Mentality” Yemya reveals her secrets, he pain and her opinion on what love really is. Losing old friends and gaining new ones seems to be what life is about. There are those who may stick around and then there are those who may not. It is told that people enter into you lives for a reason even if it’s for just a moment in time. That one moment can impact your whole life.  In “A Lovers Mentality” “Me… Myself & I” and “Hustling N Lov3” you will learn about Yemya’s downfalls and her flaws that only made her a better woman as she grew older, she grew wiser. She learned, She Lives, She Loves.

The main character in ALL THREE books is based upon the life of Miss Yemya LeShay Smith. Yemya is a teenager who has supposedly found her first love in “A Lovers’s Mentality” only to have find out that “It an’t all that in a bag of chips… with a soda on the side.” Lol. In “Me, Myself & I”, she learns how to stop relying on a man to find love and rely on herself… That’s when she grows and matures in many ways to name. Lets not forget “Hustling N LOV3” which is the third book to Yemyas’ crazy love life… Hopefully in this book she will find the true meaning of real love… SORRRY can’t tell you the story. Although I do hope she comes off very intriguing; she don’t bite her tongue or take shit from no one… Therefore disregard her outspoken ways. Not only that but Yemya is in a love triangle… she endures many, many, many life lessons and I hope that you as a reader is able to relate to her thoughts, her feelings and her situations. Please keep an open mind that this is only a character that I’m bringing to life. You’ll soon be able to know more about Miss Smith in the near future in the up and coming Novel (s) that I was inspired to write: “A Lovers’ Mentality” and also “Me, Myself & I” and “Hustling in LOV3”. This blog is to not only promote my material but to reach out to women who are in need of a little word of confidence, entertainment and a little wisdom. With that being said, think as a woman, more importantly live… as a phenomenal woman. OOHh yeaaa feel free to leave your comments!!! I would like to know what you think lol!

God Bless,


“After reading over Andreyia letter I didn’t even know if shedding a tear would be worth it. I value our friendship… and really hated the fact that it was losing its connection over a relationship… I have my flaws… and one is not being able to balance the people I love. Being in love with a man has become my down fall… Although I have always had my friends, I was losing them over my relationship… More importantly, I was losing something that was a part of me and have yet to realize it. I was in love… and love was my mentality. Without it… I felt useless whether it was from my family, my friends or my man. I needed to feel loved and losing one love just kept me bottled in. Taylor is my bestfriend… How can I please a friendship and please my man without them understanding… it all became a learning process for me… it all became a lover’s mentality…”

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  1. Hi! Thank you for visiting my site and for the follow. May you find something there to uplift and inspire you, just as your work is aimed for a similar purpose. Much blessings to you, love & light, namaste…Nadine Marie

  2. loversmentality

     /  February 29, 2012

    Thank u Nadine! I look forward to reading your work as well!

  3. Introspection is always the first step to change! It’s so hard to take a true honest look. You go, girl!


  4. detria ballio

     /  April 10, 2012

    I really enjoyed reading this blog… how do i get ahold of your books?

    • loversmentality

       /  April 11, 2012

      I’m working on a website so that you.are able to download a free copy through the website

  5. detria ballio

     /  April 10, 2012

    I really enjoyed reading this blog got me thinking about myself and what i been going through…. how can i get copies of your books?

    • loversmentality

       /  April 10, 2012

      The books haven’t been published just yet. Right now I am working on building enough readers. Its good to know that you are interested 🙂 . I’ll be posting more info soon

  6. Earl Yates

     /  June 12, 2012

    Love you Sade.. I am so so so proud of you. Big hugs and cannot wait to see you accepting that Nobel Peace Prize as Best Author in the World.))))


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