As much as I wa…

As much as I wanted to tell him about himself; the nerve of him wanting to call me at one in the morning like everything is copasetic. Which it is not! We have a lot to discuss; well I do for that matter. Now that I am finally able to talk to him, I have so much to say but don’t know how. I thought about what his reaction would be and decided against it.

            “I was about to Shame…” Quickly reminding myself that I was supposed to be mad at him, I flipped my question on him. “What about you?” I asked. I was wondering what his answer would be. Hoping the answer would be believable in my mind so I can let this issue go.

            “What have you been up to all day and night?” I asked. Making sure I put emphasis on night. “You wait until one in morning to tell me that you were thinking about me? What about the other times? When it was twelve in the afternoon or five in the evening? You wasn’t worried about it then, so why now?” I was getting mad by the thoughts of Shame cheating. The niggah had the audacity to call me when I haven’t heard from him at all throughout the course of my day.

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